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Post-Graduate Diploma course in English print journalism ||


The Statesman Print Journalism School is headed by Mr Subrata Nag Choudhury, a distinguished senior journalist.
He had begun his journalistic career with The Statesman in 1979, and worked for 15 years to become a special representative and later the chief reporter for the newspaper. So, when he joined The Statesman Print Journalism School in September 2017, it was getting back to his roots.
After having left The Statesman, Mr Nag Choudhury joined the India Today magazine and worked at Kolkata and in north-east India briefly. He left India Today to join The Telegraph newspaper and worked there for three years. Finally, he joined The Indian Express newspaper and was its resident editor till June 2016. In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award for Political Reporting on the Nandigram land movement.
He is still a working journalist, writing regular columns for news portals like the Scroll.in and The Quint. He continues to write content for the
multimedia news provider Thomson Reuters news.
It is his professional experience of over 35 years as a reporter that he is teaching now to his students at SPJS.
Regular faculty at SPJS are: Mr Subrata Nag Choudhury, director, SPJS; Ms Smita Abraham, assistant professor, SPJS; Dr Shameek Sen, assistant professor (Law), the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences; Mr Tarun Kumar Goswami, resident editor, Millenium Post; Mr Pulakes Mukhopadhyay, Sports editor, The Statesman; Mr Sailendra Mal, former chief photographer, The Statesman; Mr Dipankar Ghosh, former designer, The Statesman, Indian Express; Mr Somnath Dasgupta, former resident editor of 
Financial Express, former deputy editor of Business Today magazine and former editor of The Telegraph Online, Dr Chitralekha Sengupta, director, Oxyment Foundation, and Mr Sabir Ahamed, researcher at Pratichi Trust (founded by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen).
Other members of the faculty include practising senior journalists from within The Statesman and other news publications. In addition, SPJS arranges conferences and other events to facilitate interactions between students and distinguished persons from various fields from India and abroad.