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Post-Graduate Diploma course in English print journalism ||

Director's Note

Dear students, alumni, faculty members and colleagues,
I am happy to present before you the Statesman Print Journalism School (SPJS) website in a new avatar after a considerable period of time. The disruptions of the past two years did not spare us. The SPJS website went in limbo as the agencies maintaining it ceased to exist and failed to respond to our needs. We had to recreate the entire content with the help of a new vendor and tie up the loose ends before coming to you once again. We hope that the new website will be more responsive as well as interactive about the school’s activities. We also hope to make it a lively platform for students, faculty members and alumni who have always been an integral part of our academic life.  
At the very outset, I would like to report with deep sorrow the two setbacks we suffered in quick succession. First, we lost Mr Sam Rajappa who was the founder-director of SPJS and an eternal source of inspiration to journalists—both aspiring and practising. Sam died in Canada where he was spending time with one of his sons and his family. He was 85. In his last conversation with me, he had expressed his wish to visit SPJS in January 2022 and impart training to students, an annual feature in the school’s academic agenda. Sadly, his health deteriorated and he passed away on 15 January. SPJS will always remember Mr Sam Rajappa—beloved Sam-sir to his students—with reverence and respect. We pay our respectful homage to him.  
The other loss was the passing away of Mrs Threety Irani, a member of the Board of Trustees of C R Irani Foundation and a guiding force behind SPJS. She was 90. Despite her failing health, she made it a point to never miss the opportunity to be present at the SPJS convocation every year. In between, whenever she met school staff, she would inquire about the school’s activities and continue to provide encouragement. SPJS will miss her spirit and generosity and pays its respectful homage to the departed soul.
Now, to come to the academic activities of SPJS, we have been lucky to survive the onslaughts of the pandemic for two successive years. There was no break in the academic sessions despite the fact that academic campuses had disappeared. With few enrolments, we still moved forward, evolving strategies to meet the needs of the day and not missing classes. Technology was a big help as we went online during long bouts of closure.
At SPJS, we offer a post-graduate diploma course in English print journalism. Our focus is training youngsters to be well-informed, competent journalists who will be exceptional citizens. The Statesman newspaper has been regarded by generations of readers as one to sharpen English writing skills. SPJS, under the umbrella of The Statesman, continues to pursue that goal even as we witness a huge surge for content writers. SPJS provides students with personalised care and the faculty comprises some of the best journalists and professionals who impart the right skills of content writing and storytelling to the students. The training the students acquire here differentiates them from the rest in terms of credibility, authenticity and reverence for facts.
We are approaching yet another academic session in August, the admission process for which will begin shortly.
Watch out for interesting announcements!
Write to us for any queries.
Join us to share your thoughts and for an exciting experience with SPJS.   
Wish you all the best.
Subrata Nag Choudhury
Director, SPJS