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Post-Graduate Diploma course in English print journalism ||

Welcome to the Statesman Print Journalism School (SPJS)

English-language newspapers in India today face a shortage of qualified, competent journalists. Many media schools have shifted focus to electronic and other digital platforms, and the graduates from these institutions are still confused about the choice of medium. Also, in this age of social media and a continuous overflow of crowd-sourced information, it is important for journalists to learn to authenticate and sift out real from fake.
The Statesman Print Journalism School (SPJS) aims to produce knowledgeable and resourceful English-language journalists. SPJS has been set up in collaboration with Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, a political foundation with more than 100 offices in over 120 countries, that makes a unique contribution to the promotion of democracy, rule of law and a social market economy.

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Our Course

At the Statesman Print Journalism School (SPJS), we offer a Post-Graduate Diploma course in English Print Journalism.
The syllabus covers all aspects of print journalism, namely, reporting, editing, feature writing, newspaper design and page make-up, production methods, laws of the press in India, news photography, specialised writing on environmental, scientific and legal issues, multimedia and web journalism.

Typically, a student’s day will be divided between classroom instruction and field work. Every day, students will join one of The Statesman’s senior editors to critique the morning’s papers, especially The Statesman, and seek to understand the reasons and compulsions behind story selection, layout, editing and other aspects of production.
Each student will be provided a laptop to work in classroom for the duration of the course.

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